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Paul Stöckli, 1906 - 1991, born and died in Stans, comes from a family of painters, gilders and restorers, where the experience in crafts was passed on for centuries. After his apprenticeship in Basel, Munich and Paris, he settled in Basel. As the Basel "Graumaler" (Grey painter) founded "circle 48" in 1948, he was one of them.
Paul Stöcklis commitment to gray and black was never world Bagle-Pessimistic. "I never understood when someone said that black is a sad color. Black is a beautiful color."
Since 1950, Paul Stöckli - one of the representatives of young Tachistic art - got numerous public contracts. His realizations are among the best art-architecture synthesis.
Come to retirement age, decided Paul Stöckli to cancel this successful career, and from now on became his own and only his client.
Common to the late works is that they mainly tend towards techniques and formats that during a single day permit a valid result.
"Tagebuchlätter" (diary sheets) he calls consequently all his collages and drawings. The wisdom of age has his widened"way of truth" more and more; what he cares about, for example, about the controversy over categorizing terms?
"The abstract and the figurative is with me always very close together. I have always worked with nature. We are part of nature. Seemingly non-objective art has to do with me too much with perceived natural phenomena."

Further Videos

Paul Stöckli (1990)

Paul Stöckli (1906) is working in his studio in Stans. He is demonstrating his working processes and talks about his patchwork technique. The search for harmony, shapes and colours. To keep the eyes open for the variety of shapes in nature. To make this experience part of his works is the goal of his creative processes.

Paul Stöckli (1979)

A video by Andres Hoch.

Paul Stöckli, 1906 - 1991, born and died in Stans, has its roots in a family of painters, gilders and restorers, where the arts of crafts is passed on since centuries.
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