"My work is a game, a game with shapes and colours."
Paul Stöckli

Water Colour

With his water colour paintings, Paul Stöckli is defining his own unique style. Different from most of his other works, he is here using extensively colours.


Paul Stöckli usualy realized his collages on paper, frequently using news paper to make it's natural texture part of his artwork.

Ink Drawings

To draw with ink was one of Paul Stöckli's favourite techniques. Whether small or large, the works express their joy of life and creativity.


A large part of his artistic work is expressed in the graphics. Paul Stöckli was able to make the copper plates into a work of art.

Oil Abstractions

The great oil abstractions by Paul Stöckli give this enormous work the necessary expressive expression.

Sectional Drawings

Paul Stöckli's enthusiasm for experiments can be seen in the sectional drawings. The always searching for something new.

Diary sheets

"Diary sheets" he calls his collages and drawings. Age has widened his "path of truth" more and more; What is the dispute about categorizing terms all about?

Tempera Abstrakt

Paul Stöckli loved the living - abstract. From this came the tachism, which he strongly influenced.

Various Materials

Be it glass, wood, polystyrene or various metals, Paul Stöckli always liked to work with new materials and reinvent himself.

Public Works

In the works for the public, Paul Stöckli found himself in abstraction. "To simplify forms and to express them more clearly", he called it.
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